If you were skeptical that a single article would provide a silver bullet for purchasing and managing highly-specialized mobile operations assets, you were right. It doesn’t. The one simple truth is… Things are complicated.

Fear not, weary traveler. Nomad Atlas is your roadmap to streamlined procurement.

Chances are you’re faced with at least four ever-broadening pressures…

01 // Complex Problems: We now live in an always-on world. The cost of being disconnected, for any period of time and nearly every type of organization, is significant. Atlas helps you diagnose your unique needs, quantify the risks of not taking action, and develop metrics that prove value over time.

02 // Confusing Solutions: Complex problems have spawned increasingly sophisticated solutions. The sheer pace of change makes it difficult to keep up. Plus, differentiating among vendors can be challenging when their offerings appear to be similar. Atlas helps you formulate a strategic, long-term approach. It gets under the hood of mobile operations solutions, clarifying the differences and enabling you to find the best-aligned partner.

03 // Murky Decision Making: Increasing decentralization means more people influence purchasing. It’s rare that one guy or gal pulls all the strings. Atlas helps you identify and connect stakeholders at all levels, orchestrate consensus, and measure success.

04 // Money: Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes you have to turn over rocks to find it. Atlas helps you navigate the nuanced waters of financing for government agencies, public utilities, medical services, and business organizations of all types.

In five easy-to-understand phases, Nomad Atlas will help you uncover the root problems, then provide the information needed to make high-quality decisions and deliver a knockout solution. You’ll know every dip, turn, and pothole on the procurement road. And we’re just getting started. The Atlas library will continually expand and evolve, revealing ever-sharper details of the mobile operations landscape.

Get on the path to painless procurement. The journey starts here…

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